Day of the Week Totems

Totem Collection

The Totem collection relates to the day of the week you are born. A different totem for each day of the week. In ancient balinese tradition there is an animal representing each day of the week. Almost like a spirit animal. This collection was handmade in bali by a super talented team of craftswomen. All pieces are available in 925 sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil. Find out what day of the week you are born.

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Mandala Collection

Our first collection, made in India. This was the beginning of our journey, designs are set into an intricate geometric base - inspired by mandalas in ancient forms of meditative art. The use of semi precious gemstones and precious metals gives each piece its own unique power and energy. All charms on our pendants are available without the chain so you can add onto necklaces, layer up and create your own unique piece.

Bombay Deco Collection

Bombay Deco Collection

Our Bombay Deco collection is inspired by Indian art deco - geometric motifs, curvilinear lines, and vibrant colours and patterns. Art Deco is a notable feature of the architecture of the city of Mumbai, formerly Bombay. It was used for office buildings, residences and movie theatres, during a period when India was part of the British Empire. In the quest for longevity, all our jewels can be personalised and renewed by adding extra charms onto necklaces and swapping charms on hoop earrings.